eHealth and mHealth

Both eHealth and mHealth are becoming prominent components of healthcare. In order for healthcare electronic services to be safe, effective and add genuine value to the system, EAHP believes that these should be developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals including hospitals pharmacists, and patients.

Consequently, EAHP calls in its position paper upon national governments and health systems across Europe to work towards

  • systematic and EU-wide achievement of electronic prescribing, administration and use of electronic medical records (EMR);
  • ensuring barcoding of medicines to the single units in primary packages to enable more widespread takeup of bedside scanning in European hospitals, thus improving patient safety;
  • appropriate regulatory oversight mechanisms for mHealth applications to ensure that they have a positive impact and adequately protect patient data;
  • provision of appropriate eHealth/mHealth training opportunities to healthcare professionals and promotion of digital health literacy; and,
  • involvement of hospital pharmacists in the design, specification of parameters and evaluation of ICT within the medicines processes.

EAHP's position paper on eHealth/mHealth is available HERE





Last update: 15 September 2020