2019 Medicines Shortages Survey

EAHP's 2019 Medicines Shortages Report has been released. Read it HERE!

Between November 2019 and January 2020, EAHP collected information on medicines shortages from hospital pharmacists, patients and other healthcare professionals, such as physicians and nurses. Selected feedback has been displayed in infographics:

The 2019 Medicines Shortages Survey looked at the impact of medicines shortages in the hospital environment. In particular, it explored issues such as the communications of medicines shortages within hospitals, current management strategies and possible reasons for shortages and their impact on patients. As well as asking how survey participants would like to see medicines shortages handled and/or resolved on the policy level.

EAHP has been active on the issue of medicines shortages for over ten years and has conducted several Medicines Shortages Surveys throughout the years. Past EAHP Medicines Shortages Reports have highlighted the increasing burden of medicines shortages in European hospitals.

Medicines shortages cause serious problems for patients, health professionals and health systems. Hospital pharmacists play a key role in managing medicines shortages within hospitals, but they are not the only stakeholders which are affected. which is why EAHP has invited other stakeholders including health care professionals and patients to provide their input on how medicines shortages are affecting them.

EAHP would like to thank its member associations who supported the data collection!

Last update: 7 April 2020