Hospital Pharmacist’s Preparedness for in-vivo gene therapy medicinal products

The members of the SIG on the hospital pharmacist's preparedness for in-vivo gene therapy medicinal products (financially supported by Pfizer) are looking at the requirements for the handling, preparations and administration of gene therapy products throughout Europe in order to provide guidance and training materials to hospital pharmacists.


Survey investigating the preparedness of hospital pharmacies for in-vivo gene therapy medicinal products

Due to the number of licensed formulations on the horizon, the SIG hoped to obtain information on the preparedness of hospital pharmacy departments for the delivery of in-vivo gene therapy medicines to their patients with the helpf of a survey. The survey included questions touching on the hospital pharmacy facilities and the pharmacists working in these facilities. Hospital pharmacists that are not yet working with in-vivo gene therapies were also encouraged to participate in this survey. The survey closed in June 2022.


Findings of the EAHP's SIG

The SIG on the hospital pharmacy preparedness for in-vivo gene therapy medicines closed its work in April 2023. 

This report presents the findings of the Special Interest Group on Hospital Pharmacist’s Preparedness for In-vivo Gene therapy medicinal products (GTMP). This SIG was financially supported by Pfizer and set up by the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP). The SIG carried out desk research and a survey to gather information on the hospital pharmacy preparedness for gene therapy medicines throughout Europe and on preparing and optimising multidisciplinary care teams for the integration of gene therapy medicines into the treatment tools for patients with rare diseases. The report includes a proposal for future training activities on GTMP for hospital pharmacists and identifies the need for an update of the former version of the EAHP Guidance for Handling GTMP published in 2007.

The report can be found here

The SIG is now working on the EAHP Guideline for handling GTMP that will be published before the end of the year.

Last update: 16 June 2023