Associate membership

Benefits of becoming an Associate member

EAHP has opened its membership to prospective international Associate members. Associate members are national or regional organisations representing the interests of hospital pharmacists and the hospital pharmacy profession within their countries with the ultimate goal of improving patients outcomes. 

EAHP wants to create a strong network of associations representing the hospital pharmacy profession to move towards a safer and more modern delivery of hospital pharmacy services all over the world! By becoming an associate member, you will be part of a large network of associations willing to improve the hospital pharmacy profession worldwide. This is a non-exhaustive list of some of the benefits to which you could be entitled to as an associate member: 

  • Possibility to attend EAHP meetings to discuss policy and project initiatives , 
  • Attend the EAHP General Assembly upon invitation to present your own projects, 
  • Possibility to send one representative to the EAHP Academy Seminar, 
  • When approved by the EAHP Board, participate in and be part of EAHP projects, 
  • Organise EAHP Synergy certification courses when approved by the Board, 
  • Enjoy discounts for some of EAHP educational events, 
  • Access to the electronic version of the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 
  • Receive a quarterly report with the latest updates from EAHP and the hospital pharmacy profession in Europe. 

Are you member of a national/regional association that is not yet an associate member of EAHP and you would like to become one? You can email the EAHP team at info[at]eahp[dot]eu to learn more about it!

EAHP Associate members

EFCP’s goal is to advance pharmacy education and practice in Egypt. EFCP’s mission is to “spread the knowledge as well as awareness of clinical pharmacy academics, practice and scientific researchers aiming at optimising the health care service and advancing the knowledge of health care professionals dealing with various drug related aspects”

EFCP was founded in 2013 and  has 1000 members.

The Algerian Society of Oncology and Hospital Pharmacy (SAPHO) in an EAHP associate member since 2023. SAPHO was created in 2015 and has approximately 300 members. Their goals are:

  • Promote good practices in hospital pharmacy and oncology pharmacy,

  • Contribute to the improvement of patient care.

  • Organize and lead scientific, national, and international events;

  • Provide recent scientific documents concerning hospital and/or oncological pharmacy (reviews, articles,

    audiovisual files);

  • Contribute to postgraduate training and continuing education, in agreement and in collaboration with the

    supervisory ministries.

  • Establish proposals for the implementation of national or international health programs (recommendations,

    surveys, etc.)

  • Publish newsletters and journals, reproducing scientific work

  • Edit and distribute scientific journals

  • Collaborate with all associations or national or international scientific societies with the same objecti

Last update: 24 April 2024