Alassaad, Anna

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1. Current Status, Position

Anna Alassaad (MSc Pharmacy, PhD) is currently working as a consultant within the health care sector.

2. Education

Dr. Alassaad graduated as a pharmacist in 2003 and has a long experience from working with establishment and development of clinical pharmacy services. This has included identification of areas for patient safety and quality improvement and finding ways of increasing the quality of prescribing and supporting a safe use of medicines. It has also included finding suitable quality measures for evaluating the effects of clinical pharmacy interventions. She has  also been working for several years as a ward-based pharmacist, performing drug reviews and drug monitoring, as well as drug counseling to inpatients. She has, along with her clinical work, been a teacher practitioner, as well as an academic supervisor for a large number of pharmacy students and has been employed as a teacher at the Uppsala University.

3. Research Area

During several years, Dr. Alassaad has conducted research on drug use in older people and the benefits of clinical pharmacist services. She was one of two main contributors to a large randomized controlled study studying the effects of a clinical pharmacy intervention in hospitalised older people on revisits to hospital. She finished her PhD at Uppsala University in December 2015. The title of the thesis was "Improving the quality and safety of drug use in hospitalised elderly: Assessing the effects of clinical pharmacist interventions and identifying patients at risk of drug-related morbidity and mortality".

4. Conflict of interest: none