Baião, Helena

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INFARMED IP - National Authority for Medicament and Health Products



1. Current Status, Position

  • Regulatory and Scientific Advice Coordinator.
  • She is a Pharmacist at Lisbon Pharmacy University.
  • She worked in Macau Ministry of Health first as Hospital Pharmacist Assessor (coordinator of production, information/education and products management) and later as expert in drug assessment.
  • GMP inspector (traditional and modern medicines) before joining INFARMED I.P. in 1997.
  • Member of PIC/S Committee assessor and participated at Expert Circles, JVP, JRP among others and consequently organized PIC/S meetings.
  • PIC/S co-rapporteur for EOF - Greece and MHRA - UK and JRP of Swissmedic - Switzerland and KA - Liechtenstein and JRP for Brazil’s application.
  • Coordinator of Regulatory and Scientific Advice Office, at INFARMED I.P.
  • National Coordinator of European Research Infrastructure Consortium EATRIS ERIC .Regulatory and Scientific Advice Manager and Quality Manager, at INFARMED I.P.

2. Education

  • Master Degree on Pharmaceutical Science at the Lisbon University.
  • GMP and GCP Inspector.
  • WHO Adviser. 

3. Research Area

None to announce.

4. Conflict of interest