Bansal, Neetu

Seminar Title: 

Interactive session 3 – Peri-operative pharmacy services and the enhanced recovery pathway (25th Anniversary EAHP Congress - Hospital Pharmacy 5.0 - the future of patient care (2021))


Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust


United Kingdom

Current Status, Position

Ms Neetu Bansal is currently Senior Surgical Pharmacist at the Manchester University NHS Hospital Trust. She is the lead for enhanced recovery within the organisation. Ms Bansal is also an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at the University of Manchester.


Ms Bansal obtained a Master in Pharmacy from the University of Manchester in 2002. She qualified as an independent prescriber in 2009 from Kings College London and obtained a Master in Advance Pharmacy Practice from the University College London in 2011. In 2019, she was funded by the NIHR and obtained a Master in Clinical Research at the University of Manchester. 

Research Area

Ms Bansal was the first pharmacist in the country to be appointed as a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) scholar in 2014. In this role, she undertook a quality improvement project demonstrating the benefits of pharmacist involvement in improving patient outcomes along enhanced recovery pathways. The results of this led to the implementation of an innovative surgical pharmacy service within the trust aimed at optimising patients both prior to and after surgery. Her research interests lie in developing effective peri-operative medicines optimisation strategies.  

Conflict of interest: none