Borgsteede, Sander*

Seminar Title: 


Health Base Foundation


The Netherlands

1. Current Status, Position

Sander Borgsteede is a Pharmacist, clinical pharmacologist and epidemiologist and works as Science and Research Manager at Health Base Foundation in Houten. He is responsible for the development of new content and methodology for alerts in clinical decision support for medication and comprehensible patient information. Since 2016 he has developed recommendations for medication in patients with cirrhosis.

2. Education

Pharmacy (PharmD, 2000), PdD (2006) Epidemiology (MSc, 2009), Clinical Pharmacology (specialisation, 2019).

3. Research Area

Sander Borgsteede's research focusses on the development and performance of recommendations for safe use of medication, such as drug-drug interactions and drug-disease interactions.

4. Conflict of interest

Sander Borgsteede is employed at Health Base Foundation (HBF), an independent, non-commercial foundation, that maintains a drug information database (Pharmabase) and supports health care professional with a clinical decision support system. The information that is part of this education is subject to medical information provided by HBF. HBF has a scientific, non-commercial interest in the products being studied.