Bygholm, Ann

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Aalborg University



1. Current Status, Position

Ann Bygholm (PhD) isĀ Professor in the department of Communication and Psychology at Aalborg University.

2. Education

Prof Bygholm has a master in literature and media studies and a Ph.D. in Human Centered Informatics. She is a co-founder of the education in Health Informatics at Aalborg University, the Danish Center of Health Informatics (DaChi) and the Scandinavian Health Informatics Conference (SHI). She has been member of an advisory board for the national knowledge center for e-learning. For the last seven years, she has been head of the Doctoral School at the Faculty of Humanities at Aalborg University.

3. Research Area

Prof. Bygholm has been working with health informatics and computer mediated learning and communication for many years. Her research focuses on issues of infrastructure for health and learning, participatory health, patient empowerment, ICT literacy, appropriation of technologies and use practices.

4. Conflict of interest: none