Cam Battley


Health Strategy Group, Inc.



1. Current status, position

Cam Battley is a health sector management consultant. He combines experience in government, health care NGOs, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, marketing and advocacy, to offer a broad scope of health care management, communications, business development and leadership development skills. His clients in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa range from health professional and patient NGOs, to innovative and generic pharmaceutical firms, and biotechnology start-ups.

2. Education

Before founding Health Strategy Group in 1997, Cam was Vice President of Canada’s largest health care communications firm. Prior to moving to consulting, he worked for the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company, as Director of Communications for Canada. He arrived in the health sector after serving as Legislative Assistant to the Canadian Minister of Consumer and Corporate Affairs, where he was responsible for developing legislation and shepherding it through the House of Commons, as well as negotiating with stakeholder groups and opposition parties.

3. Research area

Cam specializes in providing research, reports and strategies designed to help for-profit and not-for-profit clients anticipate and respond to key trends in the health care sector. He also delivers leadership and communication skills programs and coaching to clients in industry, academia and health professional organizations, including the World Medical Association.