Carlos Maria Romeo Casabona

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University of the Basque Country



1. Current Status, Position

Prof Dr Romeo Casabona is professor of Criminal Law and Director of the Interuniversity Chair of Law and Human Genome (1993-) at the University of the Basque Country (Spain).
He has been associated Judge of the Territorial Court of Zaragoza. Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of La Laguna and founding Director of its Center for Criminological Studies.
He is a member of the European Group of Ethics in Science and Technologies (European Commission), of the Bioethics Committee (DH BIO) of the Council of Europe, of Committee of Bioethics of Spain, of the National Commission on Guarantees on Human Tissues and Cells, of Expert Group on Dangerous Offenders to the Council of Europe, of the HUGO Ethics Committee and chair of the Basque Country Research Ethics Committee. He is an external consultant to the Council of Europe.

2. Education

Prof Dr Romeo Casabona holds a PhD in Law and in Medicine and a Higher Diploma in Criminology.

3. Research Area

He has been a member of the National Commission for Assisted Human Reproduction, of the Advisory Board of the European Research Area at the European Commission (ERAB), chair of the Research Ethics Committee of the University Hospital of La Laguna and member of the Working Group on the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property. He has six times six-year research certificates from the Ministry of Research (maximum level).
His main research area is:

  • Biolaw: Ethical/legal issues on: biology and medical research; review boards; human genetics and biotechnology; health/genetic data protection; organ transplantation.
  • Criminal Law: negligent offences; measures on crime prevention; medicaments counterfeiting; human organ trafficking; undue rejection of medical treatment; cybercrimes; artificial intelligence systems and legal responsibility.

4. Conflict of interest: none