de Vlieger, Jon

Seminar Title: 


Foundation Lygature


The Netherlands

1. Current Status, Position

Jon de Vlieger is currently serving as Strategy Director at Foundation Lygature, a non-profit organization driving the development of new medical solutions for patients by managing public-private partnerships involving academia, industry and society. He is the Coordinator of the European Lead Factory, Europe's largest drug discovery consortium, as well as coordinator of the Working Group on Non-biological complex drugs. He also serves as a Board Member at the Federation for Innovative Drug Research Netherlands.

2. Education

Jon de Vlieger studied Pharmaceutical Sciences at the VU University in Amsterdam and obtained a PhD in Bioanalytical Chemistry in 2011, as part of a public-private partnership in the Dutch Top Institute Pharma Programme.

3. Research Area

Jon de Vlieger coordinates several international public-private partnerships, such as the European Lead Factory on early drug discovery and the Non-Biological Complex Drugs Working Group on regulatory innovation. He is a co-Editor of the book on NBCDs in the AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series, co-Author on a series of key-papers related to regulatory challenges for NBCDs and publishes on the value of public-private partnerships in drug discovery and development.

4. Conflict of interest