Gillian Honeywell


Isle of Wight NHS Trust, UK


United Kingdom

1. Current Status, Position

Mrs Gillian Honeywell is a Chief Pharmacist for a unique fully integrated health organisation, and Clinical Director for the Clinical Support, Diagnostics and Cancer Services. The Trust includes all acute, community, mental health and ambulance services within one organisation.

2. Education

Qualified School of Pharmacy, London (BPharm), clinical pharmacist in Kent and Bristol Hospitals. Worked on the Isle of Wight since 1991 training in leadership and pharmacoeconomics, chief pharmacist since 1997 and Clinical Director since 2016. Lead for a multi-organisation 'No Needless Medication Errors' workstream for 3 years, achieving co-ordinated medicines safety initiatives between hospitals, ambulance Trusts and CCGs, delivering reported metrics across the same geography. All schemes were evaluated to demonstrate the financial value of medicines optimisation. The Trust has embraced technology within medicines management starting with automated pharmacy in 2006, current plans are to work across organisations through interoperability. Initiated out of hospital infusions with a local tariff, transfer of care to community pharmacists, and delivery of pre-hospital IV antibiotic treatment of sepsis by paramedics.

3. Research Area

Mrs Honeywell's research focuses on impact of technology to release clinical time and reduce waste. Transfer of care between healthcare settings. Pharmacists advanced roles in the admission and discharge of patients, and clinical caseloads for patients. Her ambition is to deliver 'clinical pharmacy without walls' across the Isle of Wight and to develop a transferable model.

4. Conflict of interest: none