Gullbo, Joachim

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Uppsala University Hospital



1. Current Status, Position

Dr. Gullbo (MD PhD) is Senior Consultant in oncology, with an emphasis on breast cancer. He is also an associate professor in academic research focused on research and development of new anticancer drugs.

2. Education

  • 1996: MSc in Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Uppsala University.
  • 2002: Medical Degree, Faculty of Medicine, Uppsala University.
  • 2003: PhD in Clinical Pharmacology, Institution of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University (Thesis: Preclinical Development of New Alkylating Oligopeptides for Cancer Therapy).
  • 2009: Associate Professor in experimental Clinical Pharmacology.
  • 2012: Consultant/Specialist in Clinical Pharmacology, 2011 - Consultant/Specialist in Oncology.

3. Research Area

Dr Gullbo´s research is focused on preclinical development and evaluation of new cancer therapies. His research has been based on rational synthesis, traditional screens of chemical libraries as well as investigations of natural products. Three compounds are currently being investigated in clinical trials. As a clinician, Dr Gullbo has participated in numerous clinical trials and has special interest in breast cancer treatment.

4. Conflict of interest: none