María-José Tamés


Onkologikoa Foundation



1. Current Status, Position

Mrs María-José Tamés is Pharmacy Assistant Director  in an oncology center in San Sebastian (Spain). Her hospital has a great development in technology (paper-less hospital) and her pharmacy department is in line with this. They implemented technology to all the steps of the chemotherapy process.

2. Education

Mrs María-José Tamés attained her degree in Pharmacy in 1980 and her Hospital Pharmacy Specialisation degree in 1984. She is working at Onkologikoa Foundation in San Sebastian (cancer center) since 1989. Mrs Tamés Alonso is EAHP Spanish delegate since 1998 and ISOPP and ESOP Spanish delegate since 1995.

3. Research Area

Over the last years her research activity has focused on the development and implementation of a chemotherapy robot compounding.

4. Conflict of interest: none