Newton, Max*

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1. Current Status, Position

Max Newton is an experienced Consultant with 7+ years specializing in Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences. He manages a team working with strategic partners (governments, national medical agencies, industry associations, pharma companies and suppliers) advising on commercial strategy and the impact of healthcare policies. Before joining IQVIA, he worked at GSK, and is also a guest lecturer at UCL School of Pharmacy.

2. Education

Max Newton studied BSc Medical Microbiology & Virology at Warwick University, and obtained a MSc Drug Discovery & Pharma Management from the University College London School of Pharmacy focusing on the forecasting the impact of biosimilars within the Latin American market.

3. Research Area

Max Newton's research focusses on prominent policy projects notably supporting governments and policymakers with their understanding of the shortages issue using IQVIA datasets, having been involved in the UK's HRT shortage issue, and the Commission's publication on shortages in Europe.

4. Conflict of interest

Max Newton, via his employer, IQVIA, works with pharmaceutical companies, governments, national competent authorities to provide services and data.