Nils Linde-Laursen


Amgros I/S



1. Current Status, Position

Mr Nils Linde-Laursen is currently Logistics manager in Amgros. He is responsible for suppliers fulfilling contracts for pharmaceuticals and hearing aids.

2. Education

  • 1981 Bachelor of Engineering, Industrial Engineering with focus on management and economics, Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby.
  • 1982-1990 Bachelor of Commerce (HD), Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen.
  • Part II: Marketing Management (1985). Concluded all courses.
  • Part II: Supply Chain Management / Business Logistics (1990)

3. Research Area

  • Supply Chain Management including how to integrate through the supply chain, to improve the performance of all stakeholders. This also includes rolling out Sales & Operations planning to improve delivery performance;
  • Performance measurement through the supply chain to contribute to the improved supply chain;
  • Drug manufacturing and packaging, where experience is gained in Danish as well as European pharma industry.

4. Conflict of interest: none