Olga Delgado Sánchez *

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Balearic Health System



1. Current Status, Position

Dr Olga Delgado Sánchez is Director of Hospital Pharmacy in the Son Espases Universty Hospital.

2. Education

Dr Olga Delgado Sánchez attained her degree from Complutense University in Madrid and trained as a hospital pharmacist setting up new services as Computarized Prescription Order Enter and Antimicrobial Stewarship. She held the Master on Antimicrobial Control in Hospital Setting from Barcelona Autonoma University. 

3. Research Area

Her research is focused on Infectious Diseases Control, Therapeutic Interchange, Management of Hazardous Drug.

4. Conflict of interest: Dr Olga Delgado Sánchez was a part of the speaker's bureau for Beckton Dickinson.