Poggio, Sarah

Seminar Title: 

Interactive session 3 – Peri-operative pharmacy services and the enhanced recovery pathway (25th Anniversary EAHP Congress - Hospital Pharmacy 5.0 - the future of patient care (2021))


Haute Autorité de Santé



Current Status, Position

Ms Sarah Poggio is currently a Resident at Haute Autorité de Santé (Saint-Denis), in the Medical Devices Assessment Department. Her experience in peri-operative pharmacy services derives mainly from a year spent as a hospital pharmacist in Antoine Béclère in Clamart, France where she worked both on antimicrobial stewardship for patients undergoing septic orthopaedic surgery and implementing a new pharmaceutical care process in surgery.


Ms Sarah Poggio studied Pharmacy at the University of Paris Sud in Chatenay Malabry.

Research Area

Prior to her experience in a health agency, Ms Sarah Poggio spent a year working and researching clinical pharmacy in relation with surgery wards in order to defend her thesis in the field this year.

Conflict of interest: none