Rubio Salvador, Ana Rosa


Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo



1. Current Status, Position

Dr. Rubio Salvador (PharmD in Pharmacy) is hospital pharmacist and board certified oncology pharmacist in the Pharmacy Department of the Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo, in Toledo, Spain.

2. Education

Ana Rosa Rubio Salvador was born on March 21, 1966 in Spain. She studied pharmacy and received her Pharmacy Degree from Valencia University, completed a PhD programme at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares and a complementary programme in Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After graduation, she started her hospital pharmacy residency at Guadalajara University Hospital, where she became a registered hospital pharmacist in December, 1995. She completed her training as oncology pharmacist with a Diploma de Oncología Farmacéutica in 2000, and with the Board of Pharmacy Specialties Certification as Board Certified Oncology Pharmacist in 2009.

She has completed a Master Degree in Health Assessment Technology and Market Access (Pharmacoeconomics) at Carlos III University, Madrid, 2014-2015.

She has been the responsible pharmacist of the Oncology Pharmacy Unit in the Pharmacy Department of Complejo Hospitalario de Toledo since November 1998.

3. Research Area

The main areas of professional interest have been related to Oncology Pharmacy, in collaborations with clinicians, in terms of Drug Use Evaluation programs, implementation of Clinical Pathways, Information Technology (design, development and implementation of a computerized prescription order entry system), Dr. Rubio Salvador is also a member of the Scientific Committee and Organizing Committee of the Spanish Annual Congress of Medical Oncology and Oncology Pharmacy.

4. Conflit of interest: none