Söderberg, Joakim*

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Health Solutions



1. Current Status, Position

Mr. Söderberg (Msc in Pharmacy) is Chief of Operations, Member of the board and Founder of Health Solutions. He is Member of the board of the Swedish Pharmaceutical Society and Board member and Cofounder of Svensk Dos AB.

2. Education

Mr. Söderberg is a pharmacist and an entrepreneur with a broad network in the pharmaceutical industry and within the pharmacy business. He began his career in the pharmaceutical industry working with patient oriented medical information at Merck Sharpe & Dohme (MSD). From 1997 onwards, he was also responsible for the company's Internet strategy in the Nordic region. In 2000 Joakim started Health Solutions and has since then been working with setting up and maintaining decision support tools, follow up systems, adherence programs and patient coaching. Joakim is also coFounder of Svensk Dos AB, the first company to break the state monopoly for providing dose dispensed drugs in Sweden.

Mr. Söderberg has over the years been project manager for approximately 80 major projects regarding use of digital media within healthcare, many of them aimed at patients, and is currently mainly working with internationalization of Health Solutions product RealQ, the technical platform for building decision support and follow up systems within healthcare.

3. Research Area

Mr. Söderberg has focused his career on new services for Health Care, both technology driven and idea driven. The projects he has been involved in have often had a patient oriented angle and, especially within the adherence part of the business, included evaluations and research done on large data materials.

4. Conflict of interest: He is Sponsor of adherenceprogram for Sanofi-Aventis and Founder and stockholder at Svensk Dos AB.