Schöning, Tilman

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Heidelberg University Hospital



1. Current Status, Position

Dr Schöning is Deputy Head of Pharmacy.

2. Education

  • Licensure as Pharmacist in 2000;
  • 2000-present: University Hospital of Heidelberg, Pharmacy;
  • Head of Oncology Pharmacy Unit together with central preparation unit of cytotoxic drugs;
  • Pharmaceutical management of clinical studies phase I-III in accordance to GCP and GMP;
  • Quality management representative;
  • Lecturer of clinical pharmacy at the School of Pharmacy, University of Heidelberg;
  • Lecturer of pharmacology at the School of Nursing;
  • Since 2004: Specialist in Hospital Pharmacy ("Klinische Pharmazie", PharmD);
  • PhD (Dr. sc. hum.), 2009, University of Heidelberg. Thesis: "Antimicrobial susceptibility of clinical Group-B-streptococci isolates and molecular typing of resistant strains from two different german regions";
  • Chair of Oncology Board of the German Association of Hospital Pharmacists (ADKA)
  • Vice President of the German Association of Oncology Pharmacy (DGOP)

3. Research Area

Dr Schöning is engaged in various fields of Oncology Pharmacy.

Conflict of interest: Past consultant for various pharma companies.