Toivo, Terhi

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Tampere University Hospital, Hospital Pharmacy



1. Current Status, Position

Terhi Toivo is currently working as a Medication Safety Officer at Tampere University Hospital in Finland. She coordinates medication safety and its development; including e.g. safe medication practises, safety of patient information systems and employee competences. She also conducts research on medication safety, geriatric pharmacotherapy, high-risk medicines and coordination of care.

2. Education

Terhi Toivo studied Pharmacy at the University of Helsinki and became licensed pharmacist (M.Sc. Pharm) in 2005. In 2020, she obtained a PhD.Pharm in clinical pharmacy at the University of Helsinki. Her PhD study was about medication risk management of older home care patients. Terhi has an accreditation in comprehensive medication review. 

3. Research Area

Medication safety of older people (both home-dwelling and hospitalized patients): PIM, FRID-use, medication reconciliation and review, interprofessional coordination of care, risk assessment tools for patients.

Medication safety in hospital, high-risk medicines.

Risk-screening tools in management of drug-induced qt-prolongation and drug-drug interactions.

4. Conflict of interest