Touw, Daniel

Seminar Title: 


University Medical Center and University Groningen


The Netherlands

1. Current Status, Position

Prof. Dr. Touw (Pharm D, PhD) is hospital pharmacist, clinical pharmacologist, toxicologist ERT, Professor of Bioanalysis, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical and Toxicology Head of the laboratory of the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology at the University Medical Center and University Groningen.

2. Education

  • State University Leiden: pharmacy (graduated as pharmacist in 1984);
  • Military service (1984-1986);
  • Apotheek Haagse Ziekenhuizen: trainee hospital pharmacy (graduated as hospital pharmacist in 1989);
  • Apotheek Haagse Ziekenhuizen: trainee clinical pharmacologist;
  • Apotheek Haagse Ziekenhuizen: PhDship clinical pharmacology of intravenous tobramycin and development of an inhalation form of tobramycin in patients with cystic fibrosis (graduated 1996).

3. Research Area

  • Development of new bioassays for drugs in human material.
  • Performing pharmacokinetic studies and pharmacokinetic modeling especially with anti-infective drugs.
  • Performing studies in intoxicated patients.
4. Conflict of interest: none