Vermes, András


Apotheek A15 (A15 Pharmacy)


The Netherlands


1. Current Status, Position

Dr. Vermes (PharmD, PhD) is hospital pharmacist and Head of Pharmacy at 'Apotheek A15' (A15 Pharmacy) and board member of the Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists.

2. Education

András Vermes (PharmD, PhD) received his Pharmacy education at the University Utrecht (Utrecht, The Netherlands; 1994-2000) and performed his PhD research at the Academic Medical Centre (Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 2000). His post academic hospital pharmacy residency was performed at the Erasmus Medical Center (Rotterdam; The Netherlands; 2000-2004). Dr. Vermes has been the Head of the department of Drug Manufacturing and Compounding of the hospital pharmacy of the Erasmus Medical Centre since 2005. He has been a Board Member of the Dutch Association of Hospital Pharmacists since November 2011. Since June 2013 he is Head of Pharmacy of Apotheek A15 (A15 Pharmacy), a GMP licensed drug manufacturing hospital pharmacy in the center of the Netherlands (Gorinchem, The Netherlands).

3. Research Area

The main areas of expertise of Dr. Vermes are drug manufacturing, compounding, quality control and quality assurance.

4. Conflict of interest: none