Wac, Katarzyna

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University of Geneva, Switzerland & University of Copenhagen, Denmark



1. Current Status, Position

Prof. Dr. Wac (PhD in Information Systems, MSc in Telematics, MSc BSc in Computer Science) is Associate Professor, Quality of Life technologies lab leader at the University of Geneva, Switzerland and and the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2. Education

Prof. Dr. Wac holds a BSc and MSc degree in Computer Science (2003, WUT, Poland), an MSc in Telematics (2004, UT, the Netherlands) and PhD in Information Systems (2009, UNIGE, Switzerland). She has conducted her postdoc research at the Human-Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University (USA) and numerous user studies at Stanford Medical Center (USA).

3. Research Area

Prof. Dr. Wac's research interests include Quality of Experience of mobile systems and services, with special emphasis on understanding human aspects influencing this experience 'in situ'. Towards this goal, she deployed a participatory LivingLab, involving in her research more than 50 mobile users drawn from general population and affiliated with her lab for up to 3 years now. Prof. Wac is since 2012 an Associate Expert of the International Telecommunication Union European Regional Initiative for mHealth. Prof. Wac serves as a Co-Chair of Interest Group on Multimedia Communication Systems in the IEEE Multimedia Communication Technical Committee. Prof. Wac is also a member of ACM and the Senior Member of IEEE.

4. Conflict of interest: none