2018 Medicines Shortage Survey

EAHP's 2018 Survey on Medicines Shortages to improve patient outcomes


From 19th March 2018 to 11th June 2018, the EAHP will be collect information from European hospital pharmacists on the shortage situation in their respective countries. The 2018 Survey on Medicines Shortages aims at providing a clearer picture on the impact of medicines shortages on hospital pharmacists. To this end the survey will investigate:

  • the current nature of medicines shortages problems in Europe, including their prevalence;
  • the most common types of shortages;
  • their impact on patient care and hospital pharmacy services;
  • existing national mechanisms for dealing with or monitoring shortages;
  • how hospital pharmacists typically manage the problems shortages cause; and,
  • hospital pharmacist views on proposed policy solutions.

EAHP invites all European hospital pharmacists to patriciate in the 2018 survey activity to help improve patient outcomes!

Link to the 2018 Medicines Shortage Survey HERE

Last update: 31 May 2018