The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as a provider of continuing pharmacy education.

is the American agency for accreditation of professional degree programmes in pharmacy and providers of continuing pharmacy education, including certificate programmes in pharmacy. Accreditation is the public recognition granted to a professional degree programme in pharmacy or a provider of continuing pharmacy education, including certificate programmes in pharmacy that is judged to meet standards through periodic evaluations.

Note that only seminars and keynote presentations are accredited. Click on the ACPE logo to visit the website of the Accreditation Council  for Pharmacy Education.   

How can participants receive their ACPE certificates

In order to receive your ACPE accreditation points, what you have learnt during this session will be assessed.

At the beginning of their presentations, each presenter will ask 3 questions that will be answered in the content of their presentations. After the congress, you will receive an evaluation with the same questions, and this is when you will need to answer these questions in order to receive your accreditation certificates.

Please note that the ACPE certificate will not be sent automatically, but upon request only. EAHP will send you the certificate within 15 days after receiving your request.

More information on how to access the evaluation forms will be sent soon.

For licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians for the USA

ACPE and the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) are developing a continuing pharmacy education (CPE) tracking service, CPE Monitor, that will authenticate and store data for completed CPE units received by US-licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from ACPE-accredited providers as the EAHP. This service will be particularly helpful to the growing number of pharmacists who are licensed in multiple states, and thus may need to meet the varied CPE requirements of different state boards of pharmacy. The CPE tracking system will create a direct link for sending CPE data from the EAHP to ACPE and then to NABP, ensuring that all reported CPE units are officially verified by the EAHP. To view and track these credits, you must first set up an NABP e-Profile (, obtain your NABP e-Profile ID, and register for CPE Monitor.
So, for each licensed pharmacist from the United States of America who attends the congress, their NABP e-Profile ID and date of birth are requested to be sent out to congress[at]eahp[dot]eu in order to notify NABP and ACPE of the number of CPE units collected by each US participant during the congress on 2023. After CPE units are processed by ACPE and NABP, you will be able to access information about your completed CPE through your NABP e-profile (



The annual EAHP congress is recognised as a valid continuing pharmacy education by the below national association of hospital pharmacists. This information will be updated on a weekly basis. 


Accreditation for Austrian participants

The Weiterbildungskommission Krankenhausfachapotheker of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacy, on request of the Austrian Association of Hospital Pharmacists (, has accredited the 27th EAHP Congress.

Austrian hospital pharmacists are therefore eligible to obtain continuing education points according to the Krankenhausfachapotheker-Weiterbildungsordnung 2015.

Details on how to claim these points will be available in the member section of the Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists' website ( ACPE certificate from participation of congress is needed. A total of maximum 18 credits can be earned.


Accreditation for Belgian participants

The Federal Public Service HEALTH, FOOD CHAIN SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT has accredited the 27th EAHP Congress.

Belgian hospital pharmacists are therefore eligible to obtain continuing education points.

ACPE certificate from participation of congress is needed. A total of maximum 2 points per day (6 in total) in section can be earned.


Continuing education credits for Czech participants

The 27th EAHP Congress is accredited by the Czech Chamber of Pharmacists (CLnK).

CLnK sets criteria for the life-long education of pharmacists in healthcare settings and accredits educational events and online content.

To receive the credits for attendance at the EAHP Congress, Czech participants will submit a copy of their certificate of participation individually to the CLnK secretariat.

A maximum of 2 credit points will be assigned for each 45 minutes, based on the attendance overview provided with the certificate.


Accreditation for Estonian participants 

The 27th EAHP Congress is accredited by the Estonian Society of Hospital Pharmacists.

Participants have to be present at forthcoming EAHP congress and submit copy of their certificate of participation to ESHP which includes name and all seminars/workshops attended.

One (1) accreditation point will be given for every 45 minutes of educational event participated. (


Accreditation for German participants

The German Society of Hospital Pharmacists (ADKA) acknowledges the high level and quality of scientific education provided by the 27th EAHP Annual Congress.

Therefore, the 27th EAHP Annual Congress is accredited by the German accreditation system of Zertifizierte Fortbildung Klinische Pharmazie der ADKA.

ZeFoBi (ADKA) will accept the congress as a continuing education event and will give points on the basis of the ZeFoBi rules. (ttps://


Accreditation for Portuguese participants

To obtain continuing education points, please submit to Ordem dos Farmacêuticos the EAHP programme, which is downloadable via the EAHP website, along with your certificate of

participation which is included with the name badges upon registration at the congress centre.

 APFH logo

 Accreditation for Serbian participants

The 27th EAHP Congress is recognized as a valid form of continuing education (International Congress) by the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia.

The following amount of credits will be awarded, in accordance with current regulations: invited lecturer - 15 points; oral presentation - 13 points; poster presentation - 11 points for the first author and 0.5 points for other co-authors; passive participation - 10 points.


 Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia

Accreditation for Slovak participants

The 27th EAHP Annual Congress has been accredited by the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists (SLeK) as a continuing education for pharmacists.

The Section of Hospital Pharmacists of the Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists acknowledges the high quality of scientific education provided by the EAHP Annual Congress.

Participation will be evaluated according to the SLeK methodology depending on the number of hours spent on specific presentations and seminars within the congress.

ACPE certificate of participation in congress is needed.

Slovak Chamber of Pharmacists

Accreditation for Swiss participants 

The 27th EAHP Congress is accredited by the GSASA (Swiss Association of Public Health Administration and Hospital Pharmacists).

Hospital Pharmacist Switzerland: 50 FPH credit points per day, and Clinical Pharmacist Switzerland: 50 FPH credit points per day.