23rd EAHP Congress - PDF presentations

Please click on the speaker's name to download pdf presentations of the seminars.

Biosimilars in breast cancer – the next challenge (sponsored by an educational grant from Amgen)
J. Goncalves; H. Rolighed Christensen; R. Bartsch

Anticoagulation - from theory to practice (sponsored by an educational grant from Bayer)
K. Malá; S. Steurbaut; B. van den Bemt

Biosimilars in cancer care - the next challenge (financial support was provided by Pfizer Limited as a Medical and Educational Goods and Service)
R. Giuliani; P. Cornes; G. Befrits

Synergy breakfast event - The power of automation (sponsored by an educational grant from Omnicell)
G. Honeywell; G. Henneré; M. J. Tamés

The essentials of biologicals – past, present and future (sponsored by an educational grant from Sandoz)
Harald H. Sitte; S. Simoens; P. Troein

Keynote 1 - A fact-based view on global health and infectious diseases
H. Nordenstedt

Keynote 2 - We have a dream!
C. McKay; J. Underhill

Keynote 3 - Marketing the hospital pharmacist profession
C. Picton

IG1 - The efficient pharmacist prioritising tasks and designing processes
R. Fernandes; A. Jacklin

IG2- The productive pharmacist - process and workforce planning
V. Zardet; M. Frachette

IG3 - The effective pharmacist - the team member
A. Sinclair; P. Mirbod

SPD1 - Medicines shortages - a reality check?
T. Hoppe-Tichy; N. Linde-Laursen

SPD2 - Bridging the efficacy/effectiveness gap
A. Gouveia; N. Groessmann

PC1 - Clinical trial regulation and ethical committees
I. Krämer; C. M. Romeo Casabona

PC2 - Hospital mergers and the centralisation of production services
A. Vermes; S. Crauste-Manciet

PC3 - Hospital pharmacists involved in ATPM and in Risk Assessment
A. De Goede; K. Saadat

PC4 - Quality and risk assessment of medicines for children
D. Zanon; A. Lowey

PC5 - Presentation and workshop dedicated to the implementation of the Resolution [CM/Res(2016)2] on good reconstitution practices in European hospitals
H. Scheepers; P. Le Brun

CPS1 - Managing polypharmacy - thinking outside the box
M. Wilson; C. Morrison

CPS2 - Providing pharmaceutical care for patients admitted to their own bedroom
M. Rom; C. Endrell

CPS3 - Antimicrobial stewardship - growing a positive culture
U. Dumpis; J. Thern

PQ1 - Materiovigilance (UDI – tracing - reporting)
V. Nys; B. Lambaux

PQ2 - Ready to administer drugs - is everything under control?
S. Sauer; O. Delgado Sánchez

ER1 - Clinical Trials in Paediatric Haemato-oncology: different ways for HPs to participate
M-B. Aretin; F. Engels

ER2 - Clinical Pharmacy Services: Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence
L.J. Kjeldsen; J. Krska

ER3 - The art of writing an abstract and getting in accepted
G. Stemer; T. Hoppe-Tichy

Workshop 1 - The pharmacist's role in the drugs and therapeutics committee
N. Martinez-Lopez de Castro; H. Plet

Workshop 2 - Assessment and clinical importance of pharmacist recommendations
H. Toss; U. Gillespie

Workshop 3 - Check of medication appropriateness (COMA): an instrument to implement clinical guidelines in practice
T. Van Nieuwenhuyse; C. Quintens

Hospital pharmacy in Sweden, highlights and curiosities
K-J. Lindner; U. Gillespie; A. Bergkvist Christensen

Student Programme: An evidence based approach to developing an individualised patient care plan
A. Tonna; K. Gibson Smith


Last update: 4 April 2018