Antonio Gouveia


Insituto Portugues de Oncologia de Lisboa



1. Current Status, Position

Antonio Gouveia is currently chief pharmacist in a specialised cancer center in Lisboa, Portugal. He also works with the national medicines regulation agency in health technology assessment. He is currently leading the college of hospital pharmacists in the Portuguese Pharmaceutical society and is a member of the Scientific Committee of the EAHP.

2. Education

Antonio Melo Gouveia graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Lisbon in 1987. He was licensed as specialist in hospital pharmacy from the Ordem dos Farmacêuticos (the Portuguese pharmaceutical society) in 1998. Previously we worked as a hospital pharmacist in the Portuguese navy hospital, and also in the medicinal products assessment department in the Portuguese medicines agency, INFARMED. In this role he was member of several European working groups in the regulatory area.

3. Research Area

His main interest is Hospital Pharmacy Practice, with a focus on Oncology Pharmacy. Other areas are access to new drugs, approval and pricing system, formulary policy, regulatory affairs, hospital pharmacy mamagement, health technology assesment.

Conflict of interest: None



Last update: 12 June 2018