Dr Erik van Maarseveen


University Medical Center Utrecht


The Netherlands               

1. Current Status, Position

Dr Erik van van Maarseveen is currently a hospital pharmacist, clinical pharmacologist, head of laboratory of pharmacy, JACIE-pharmacist at the University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands. 

2. Education

Dr Erik van Maarseveen got his Pharmacy Degree in 2005 and started his career as a pharmacist at the Gouda Hospital (The Netherlands). That same year he obtained the Certificate of Fundamentals of Business & Economics for Beta’s as part of the Master program “Business and Economics for Beta’s” at Utrecht University. His 4-year-training as a hospital pharmacist commenced in 2006 at Central Hospital Pharmacy, The Hague and the Gouda Hospital. Directly after he obtained his PhD on optimising treatment of once daily dosed aminoglycosides and continuously infused vancomycin, he embarked on his clinical pharmacologist training, which he completed in 2016. Dr van Maarseveen, who is in possession of a University Teaching Qualification, teaches pharmacology, TDM and toxicology to both pharmacy and medical students at Utrecht University.              

3. Research Area

Erik van Maarseveen obtained his PhD on optimising treatment of once daily dosed aminoglycosides and continuously infused vancomycin. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers (https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Erik_Van_Maarseveen2) and acts as a reviewer for several clinical and pharmacology journals. In 2015 he was granted the award for best publication by the Dutch Association for Hospital Pharmacists. Currently, his research focusses on clinical pharmacology and clinical mass spectrometry in solid organ and stem cell transplantation, infectious diseases, cystic fibrosis and oncology. Among others, he is co-applicant of a grant of the Dutch KiKa (Children Cancerfree) foundation awarded to investigate the pharmacology of conditioning agents in stem cell transplantation conditioning. Van Maarseveen is a member of the TDM in Oncology scientific committee of the IATDMCT association, chair of the special interest group on Transplantation and member of the committee on Analysis & Toxicology of the Dutch Association for Hospital Pharmacists. 

Conflict of interest: None



Last update: 23 August 2018