Dr Katri Hämeen-Anttila


Finnish Medicines Agency (FIMEA)                 



1. Current Status, Position

Dr Katri Hämeen-Anttila is currently the Head of Research and Development in the Finnish Medicines Agency (FIMEA), where she leads the research and development team. Research projects are conducted, by law, within the areas of pharmacoepidemiologic, pharmacoeconomic, and medicines policy research.

2. Education

Dr Hämeen-Anttila studied pharmacy at the University of Kuopio (currently University of Eastern Finland) and became a licensed pharmacist in 1999. In 2006 she obtained a PhD in social pharmacy at the University of Kuopio.

3. Research Area

Dr Hämeen-Anttila's research focuses on patient perspective on medicine use, strategic development of medicines information, children's medicine education, and medicine information needs of different patient groups, including patient counselling.

4. Conflict of interest: None

Last update: 1 July 2019