Leuven event on bedside scanning - background papers

Evidence and documentation from EAHP 

2012 -EAHP statement on the need to systematically bar code medicines to the single unit

2012 - EAHP and EFPIA agreement to work towards shared vision on bar coding

2012 - EAHP presentation on the single unit bar code request

2013 - Brochure on the need for systematic bar coding to the single unit

EAHP 2010 Survey & results on use of bar code technology (published 2013)


Evidence and documentation from Belgium

2012 - EJHP - Computerised physician order entry and bedside scanning as a tool to improve patient safety

2012 - UZ Leuven improves patient safety with bedside terminals and 2D scanning of medicines 

Evidence and documentation from Switzerland

2011 - Overview presentation by Prof. Dr.Pascal Bonnabry on bar coding in hospitals

2011 - Cytostatic treatment and bedside scanning: Improving patient healthcare at Geneva University Hospitals

2012 - Swiss recommendations on bar coding

Evidence and documentation from GS1

2012 - GS1 Mckinsey Report: Strength in Unity

2013 GS1 GTIN Allocation Rules

2013 - New GS1 Level Below the Each standard


USA Regulation (Regulation required for Europe?)

2001 - Premier to require bar coding for hospital pharmaceutical products offered under its group purchasing contracts

2003 - USA FDA unit dose bar code proposal

2004 - USA FDA unit dose bar code requirement

2004 - Announcement of New Requirements for Bar Codes on Drugs and Blood to Reduce Risks of Medication Errors

Evidence and documentation from USA & Canada

2001 - J Am Med Inform Assoc - Improving Patient Safety by Identifying Side Effects from Introducing Bar Coding in Medication Administration

2002 - AJHP - Practical guide to bar coding for patient medication safety

2002 - American Hospital Association paper on bedside bar-coding readiness

2009 - Am J Health-Syst Pharm - Effect of bar-code-assisted medication administration on medication administration errors and accuracy in multiple patient care areas

2009 - Canadian Pharmaceutical Bar Code Project

2010 - NEJM - Effect of Bar-Code Technology on the Safety of Medication Administration

Last update: 29 July 2014