EAHP EU Monitor 11 January 2013


The EAHP EU Monitor is a weekly round up of news relevant to hospital pharmacy in Europe.

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New campaign launched for European clinical trial transparency

number of organisations and individuals have this week launched a new campaign for greater transparency in the reporting of clinical trial results in Europe.

Led by organisations such as the British Medical Journal, the Centre for evidence-Based Medicine and the Cochrane Library, the campaign, entitled “AllTrials”, calls for  all trials past and present, for all treatments, to be registered; and for the full methods and the results to be reported.

In particular, it calls for greater action by the European Medicines Agency in this area, and for current regulatory proposals on clinical trial regulation, currently under consideration by the European Parliament, to include measures to ensure comprehensive registration and full reporting of trials.

An online public petition has been launched in order to demonstrate levels of support for the All Trials campaign objectives.

More information about the campaign here and here.

Petition here.

World Economic Forum highlights global risk of antibiotic resistance

Ahead of its annual Summit of world leaders in Davos, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has this week highlighted antibiotic resistance as a major potential global risk.

In a foreword to its report “Global Risks 2013”, Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman and founder of the WEF warns readers that “genes that make bacteria resistant to our strongest antibiotics can hitch a ride with patients on an intercontinental flight”, making a compelling case for stronger cross-border collaboration on the issue.

The report points out that human innovation in creating new antibiotics is no longer outpacing bacterial mutation, presenting increased risk of future global pandemic. It urges readers to take seriously a scenario in which all antibiotics are rendered ineffective for treating even common infections.

The report suggests countries need to cooperate further to stimulate and incentivise the development of new antibiotics, and dedicates a chapter of the report to the subject under the heading “the Dangers of Hubris on Human Health”

Full report here.


EJHP: the benefits of submitting research to a Journal

In a special EJHP editorial article, Phil Wiffen issues a call to hospital pharmacists to overcome modesty or other sources reluctance, and put forward their research for publication.

The article also describes the personal benefits that can be derived from having research published and the support EJHP can make available for those looking to publish work for the first time.

Read the full article here.



Congress Preview: Seminar on antibiotic prophylaxis

In a special Congress Preview article, EAHP Scientific Committee member Beata Horoszko talks to EAHP about the therapeutic seminar she will facilitate on the topic of antibiotic prophylaxis.

In particular, she highlights the likely key themes of discussions, the use of guidelines on antibiotic and IT tools, and the emergence of specialist antibiotic pharmacists.

Preview article here