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 The EAHP EU Monitor is a regular round up of news relevant to hospital pharmacy in Europe.

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EAHP’s 25th Anniversary Congress will open its virtual doors in six weeks. From 23rd to 28th March 2021 the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) will be providing hospital pharmacists with a platform that allows them to virtually learn more about ‘Hospital Pharmacy 5.0 – the future of patient care’. Like every year, EAHP’s Scientific Committee has put together an interesting educational programme comprised out of different keynotes, seminars, workshops and Synergy Masterclasses which explore recent and innovative developments in the field of biosimilars and antithrombotic stewardship. 

Oncology biosimilars – Hospital pharmacists making the difference” (sponsored by an educational grant from Amgen) will explore the potential of these treatment options for cancer patients. In particular, the use and monitoring of biosimilars and the financial impact of these solutions on healthcare systems will be discussed. After attending this session, participants will be able to provide a pharmacoeconomic view and to exchange with other healthcare professionals on specific issues relating to the optimum uses of oncology biosimilars in the hospital area. 


Strategies for hospital pharmacists that help with the optimisation of anticoagulation use by appropriately modifying the reversible factors for bleeding will be showcased in the Synergy session The Hospital Pharmacist’s role in antithrombotic stewardship (sponsored by an educational grant from Bayer). Learning objectives will include being able to reduce the risk of complications in patients receiving Direct Oral Anticoagulants and to share information on the benefits of establishing an antithrombotic stewardship programme. 

Questions linked to the misconceptions about biosimilars and the extrapolation of data will be addressed in the Synergy Symposium “Biosimilars in colorectal cancer - what's your gut feeling (sponsored by an educational grant from Pfizer). To respond better to these questions, participants will acquire a new understanding of the key facts which support biosimilar approval in the EU as applied to colorectal cancer therapy. In addition, they will be equipped with information that helps them to provide advice on the implementation of biosimilars of monoclonal antibodies used in colorectal cancer. 

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The European Coalition for Vaccination  calls on healthcare professionals to get vaccinated against COVID-19 

Yesterday, the Coalition for Vaccination has published a manifesto to encourage healthcare professionals to get vaccinated against COVID-19. 

The manifesto highlights three key reasons why all healthcare professionals should get vaccinated against COVID-19 when they have the opportunity to do so and why they should help promote the vaccination against COVID-19 among the general public. 

  1. You protect yourself from illness and possible severe or life-threatening complications 
  2. COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective 
  3. You help safeguard healthcare capacity 

The Coalition for Vaccination brings together European associations of healthcare professionals and relevant students’ associations in the field, as well as associated professional organisations working in the field of public health and immunisation. It was convened by the European Commission in 2019 to deliver accurate information to the public, to combat myths and to exchange best practices. The Coalition is co-led by the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) and the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU).

Read the Manifesto HERE  


Webinar: COVID-19 vaccination - What you need to know as a health professional?

Today,  10th of February the European Commission will be hosting a webinar titled “COVID-19 vaccination - What you need to know as a health professional?”. The webinar is open to the public after registration. Join the discussion from 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM CET. 

Vaccination has now started in countries, with a focus on priority groups such as health professionals. Health professionals have played an invaluable role throughout the pandemic and now they have an equally important role in the roll out of vaccines. People seek advice from health professionals when taking decisions about vaccination, and health professionals serve as role models when getting vaccinated themselves. It is therefore important that health professionals have all the information they need to feel confident about COVID-19 vaccines, for their patients and themselves. 

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Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan released

On the day before World Cancer Day – which is celebrated every year on the 4th of February – the European Commission presented ‘Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan’ to the public. The plan is structured around four key action areas with ten flagship initiatives and multiple supporting actions spanning from employment, education, social policy and equality, through marketing, agriculture, energy, the environment and climate, to transport, cohesion policy and taxation.

The four key action areas touch on prevention, early detection of cancer, diagnosis and treatment as well as improving the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors. Particular attention will be paid to children. The ‘Helping Children with Cancer Initiative' seeks to ensure that children have access to rapid and optimal detection, diagnosis, treatment and care. In the area of prevention, Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan will address risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, environmental pollution and hazardous substances as well as promote healthy diets and physical activity. The EU-supported Cancer Screening Scheme is one of the tools for improving access, quality and diagnostics to increase the early detection of cancer. In the field of diagnosis and treatment, the cancer plan puts forward actions for addressing unequal access to quality care and medicines. These actions will be targeting the National Comprehensive Cancer Centres and innovative cancer diagnosis and treatments. The ‘Better Life for Cancer Patients Initiative' will cover all aspects of the recovery and follow-up care including rehabilitation, potential tumour recurrence, metastatic disease, and measures to support social integration and re-integration in the workplace.

On 12th of February from 11.30 AM to 1.00 PM CET, the European Commission is organising a webinar on Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan. This webinar aims to inform the public in more detail about the Cancer Plan, to have an exchange on the content and to discuss how stakeholders can support the implementation of the Plan and its actions.

Read Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan HERE

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Call for good practices to tackle antimicrobial resistance 

The AMR Stakeholder Network led by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) is looking for good practices for the successful management of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).  All activities such as actual action, pragmatic interventions and implemented practices that have the clear potential to reduce or slow down the development of resistant bacteria and tackle antimicrobial resistance are welcome. The submission deadline has been prolonged to 15th of March 2021. 

AMR can only be addressed through a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating human and animal health as well as environmental perspectives. EU and national decision-makers must therefore adopt a true ‘One Health’ approach in their actions to tackle AMR. Therefore, to be considered by the Selection Committee made up of members of the AMR Stakeholder Network, good practices submitted should fall into one of the five areas of the AMR Stakeholder Network 2019 Roadmap for Action on Antimicrobial Resistance. Also, they should tackle AMR in human, animal or environmental health. 

Learn more about the call for good practices to tackle AMR and the selection criteria HERE


Webinar: Celebrating the launch of Critical Illness

Join this webinar on Thursday, February 18, 2021 [16.00PM (UTC) /  11:00 AM (EST)] to celebrate the launch of our new resource Critical Illness – essential drug information designed to support the multi-disciplinary team with complex decision-making and dynamic prescribing in critical care. During this virtual webinar you will: Hear about the development of the new resource, discover key features of Critical Illness,  learn how to use Critical Illness in clinical practice & engage in a panel discussion with our expert. To register please fill in the form here.

EJHP: Science- and risk-based strategy to qualify prefillable autoclavable syringes as primary packaging material

The original research published in the online edition of the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (EJHP) develops a science and risk-based strategy to qualify a prefillable autoclavable cyclic olefin polymer (COP) syringe as a container for multiple drug products in a hospital pharmacy setting. The authors performed different extraction studies with different solution characteristics.  As a conclusion, the chosen strategy for the qualification program provided an adequate understanding about the extractables that could leak from the syringes. The cyclic olefin polymer syringes including stopper and tip cap were found to be suitable as primary packaging materials for the production of water based products.

Read the article HERE




[COVID-19 Updates]


EAHP’s COVID-19 Resource Centre

To assist its member associations and individual hospital pharmacists in this critical time with the provision of the best possible care for patients, EAHP has decided to gather and make available information on COVID-19 relevant for the hospital pharmacy profession.

Access the Resource Centre HERE

International Pharmaceutical Federation - Pharmacy based pandemic vaccination programme: regulatory self-assessment tool

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) has released a self-assessment tool which will help to identify strengths and areas for improvement in order to inform pandemic planning efforts ahead of current and future waves of COVID-19.

Access the self-assessment tool HERE

Association of Anaesthetist - Occupational COVID‐19 risk for anaesthesia and intensive care staff – low‐risk specialties in a high‐risk setting

The article explores the knowledge about UK healthcare worker safety, rates of infection, hospitalisation and death, during the first pandemic surge and in particular the safety of those working in anaesthesia and intensive care unit (ICU).

Read the study HERE

European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy - Is sitagliptin effective for the treatment of COVID-19?

The study analyses whether sitagliptin could have beneficial effects in patients with COVID-19.


Learn more about the Statement project! 


A lot has happened since the adoption of the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy in 2014. EAHP is working now on implementing the Statements within its 35 member countries. EAHP has developed several initiatives to help its members move towards implementation: from setting up a network of national implementation ambassadors to designing a self-assessment tool and a European training programme. Check all relevant milestones and success stories from the Statement Implementation project and don’t hesitate to send an email to the EAHP Implementation at Statements[at]eahp[dot]eu should you have any questions about the Statements or the implementation project.






European Commission – Inception Impact Assessment: European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA)

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for coordinated EU level action to respond to health emergencies. It revealed gaps in foresight, including demand/supply dimensions, preparedness and response tools. A European HERA is a central element for strengthening the European Health Union with better EU preparedness and response to serious cross-border health threats, by enabling rapid availability, access and distribution of needed countermeasures.

Deadline – 24th February 2021

Access the consultation HERE


EDQM – Pharmeuropa PaedForm, Issue 3

The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare (EDQM) released Issue 3 of Pharmeuropa PaedForm, in which the draft text for Phosphate 60 mg/mL Oral Solution is published for public consultation prior to its inclusion in the European Paediatric Formulary. This is the fourth monograph elaborated by the PaedForm Working Party.

Deadline – 31st March 2021

Find more information HERE


European Commission – Public Consultation on Blood, tissues and cells for medical treatments & therapies

This consultation concerns an initiative for an improved EU legal framework for the safety and quality of blood, tissues and cells used in transfusion, transplantation and medically assisted reproduction. These are healthcare services that impact on the lives of millions of EU citizens, both as donors of essential substances or patients that need treatment with those substances. For this reason, this public consultation is collecting the views of all interested citizens and organisations.

Deadline – 15th April 2021

Access the consultation HERE