European Commission issues €8bn call for research proposals

€8bn of research funding is being made available by the European Commission to applicants to its FP7 Programme. A call for proposals was issued on Monday.
The funding – which is open to organisations and businesses in all EU Member States and partner countries - makes up the lion's share of the EU's proposed €10.8 billion research budget for 2013.

Within the health section of FP7 research funds, general priorities topics are:

  • Biotechnology, generic tools and technologies for human health - producing knowledge that will be applied in the area of health and medicine;
  • Translating research for human health - making sure that basic discoveries have practical benefits and improve the quality of life;
  • Optimising the delivery of health care to European citizens - ensuring that the results of biomedical research will ultimately reach the citizens;

More information about the call for proposals here.

More information about the health aspects of FP7 funding here.