Hospital Pharmacists invited to Clinical Trial Data workshop

The European Medicines Agency is inviting hospital pharmacists and other stakeholders to a workshop designed to improve access arrangements for clinical trial data. Places are limited to 150 participants.

The workshop will be held on 22 November 2012 and is intended to elicit the views, interests, and concerns from healthcare professionals and others about the modalities of proactive access to clinical trial data.

The workshop will ask such questions as:
• What level of data (e.g. aggregate, patient level) should be made available, and in what format?
• Which conditions should be in place when data is made available to third parties?
• How can patient confidentiality be ensured?
• How can the highest possible quality standard of secondary data analysis be ensured, in the interest of public health?

The workshop will include panel discussion from representatives from:
• Academia / Cochrane Collaboration
• The Pharmaceutical industry / EFPIA
• Journalists and medical journal editors
• Patient representatives

The meeting will take place at the EMA’s headquarters in Canary Wharf, London and is free to attend. The registration deadline is 31 October 2012.

More information here