SEFH host 1st international conference on HP specialisation

On Wednesday 6th June SEFH organised and hosted the first international conference on hospital pharmacy specialisation.
The Conference was organised under the title “towards a single model of Hospital Pharmacy in Europe” and heard from a range of speakers on different aspects of specialisation.
Dr. Jose Luis Poveda Andrés, the President of the Sociedad Española de Farmacia Hospitalaria (SEFH) gave an overview of how hospital pharmacy had developed as a specialisation in Spain, with new and particular competencies being added to the discipline in every decade from the 1960s.
From the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP), Dr Tajda Gala presented the findings of EAHP’s 2010 survey of hospital pharmacy practice across Europe, which gave a picture of the evolving nature of tasks hospital pharmacists are expected to conduct across countries. Richard Price, EAHP Policy and Advocacy Officer, outlined the current legal mechanisms for recognition of hospital pharmacy qualifications in Europe, and proposed amendments to the legal framework that would facilitate cross-border recognition. Dr Roberto Frontini, President of EAHP, presented the compelling and patient-orientated case for specialisation, and the work being conducted, and being planned, by EAHP to establish a common European framework for specialisation.
The conference also heard from representatives of the Spanish Government and oversight bodies for the Spanish hospital pharmacy specialisation.
The event provided an excellent platform for the sharing of knowledge about specialisation and the exchange of ideas on its future development. EAHP would like to thank and congratulate SEFH on the initiative and its excellent organisation.
More information about the event (in Spanish) here and here.