January 2024 - Volume 31 - 1

The latest issue of the European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (EJHP) is available and it features, among other content: 

  • Systematic review of room temperature stability of key beta-lactam antibiotics for extended infusions in inpatient settings
  • Analysis of adverse drug events as a way to improve cancer patient care 
  • Impact of a pharmaceutical intervention on influenza vaccination in patients receiving treatment with biological medicines
  • Integrity performance assessment of a closed system transfer device syringe adaptor lock as a terminal closure for Luer-Lock syringes
  • EAHP Position Paper: Advanced therapy medicinal products
  • Case Report: Spice-drug interactions: a case report on the use of turmeric, curry and ginger in a renal transplant patient on tacrolimus
  • Short Reports: Managing the risk of shortages and medication errors with curares during the COVID-19 pandemic: a hospital pharmacy experience

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