EAHP 2015 Baseline Survey

The EAHP 2015 Baseline Survey results are now available!  

These results are intended to be used as a tool in providing EAHP and its members with the necessary insights as to which level the European statements are implemented in EAHP member countries.

The results will assist members with a decision-making and priority-setting basis for next steps in the effort to implement the European Statements of Hospital Pharmacy, as well as, other major projects such as the Common Training Framework, policy areas and educational activities.


After analysis of data from more than 1000 questionnaires, EAHP gained an overview of the level to which Statements are being implemented, as well as the barriers to implementation.

The most challenging statements were 4.4 ("The pharmacists in our hospital enter all medicines used onto the patient's medical record on admission"; 29%) and 4.5 ("The pharmacists in our hospital contribute to the transfer of information about medicines when patients move between and within healthcare settings"; 44%).


More about the methods of the baseline survey, results and impact on implementation can be found in the March 2016 issue of European Journal of Hospital Pharmacy (EJHP).


Last update: 15 April 2020