Facilitators and speakers biographies

Please view the biographies of each facilitator and speaker of the BEAM Summit 2012 by clicking on their names below:

Cam Battley

Affiliation: Health Strategy Group, Inc.

Country: Canada


Lars Berg

Affiliation: ISS Facility Services, Denmark

Country: Denmark


Mark Greenfield

Affiliation: Healthskills

Country: United Kingdom


Irene Kraemer

Affiliation: Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz

Country: Germany


Neal Maskrey

Affiliation: Healthskills

Country: United Kingdom

Wim Mens

Affiliation: azM University Hospital Maastricht

Country: The Netherlands


Affiliation: Leavitt Partners

Country: USA


Judy Willits

Affiliation: NA

Country: United Kingdom



Last update: 24 April 2018