EAHP Academy Seminars

What are they?

The aim of the EAHP Academy is to foster research and educational activities to allow hospital pharmacists from all European countries to develop their activities in a general setting of public health in their country or across the continent.

Goals of the EAHP Academy Seminar

Through initiatives of research and educational programmes, the EAHP Academy Seminar furthers the progress of hospital pharmacy not only by advancing its integration into the healthcare systems of its members, but also by helping improve the healthcare given to patients. One of the contributions of the Academy is helping hospital pharmacists, either in their roles as hospital practitioners, researchers or as university staff, to get their work recognised through publication.


Initially running under the name of "Foundation Seminars", between 2006 and 2010, the event became what is today known as "Academy Seminars" when the Foundation was merged with EAHP. Until 2012, the hosts of the anual seminars were the newest European Union member states (following the 2004 and 2007 enlargements). During the EAHP General Assembly in 2012, delegates voted to include delegates from all countries belonging to the Council of Europe.

Participation is on invitation only and is reserved to hospital pharmacists based in the above mentioned countries which are members of EAHP.


Last update: 23 July 2015