Academy Seminar 2008 - Krakow, Poland

The event took place in Krakow from 23-25 May 2008

“Patient Safety; More About Compounding"

The EAHP Foundation held its 2008 seminar in Krakow, Poland and hosted over 35 participants from 13 countries who experienced visual and hands-on learning during this event. The seminar was organised in cooperation with the EAHP, the Polish Society of Hospital Pharmacists and our sponsors, CATO & Salus International. We thank all for their contributions to this event.

Based on the success of the 2006 seminar focused on compounding cytotoxics, participants requested a follow up to this in order to continue their education on this important topic. Presentations were given on various topics surrounding patient safety and compounding. Top experts lead the seminar discussing specific areas such as, extravasation, cleaning validation of clean rooms and equipment preparation, microbiological validation, compounding software and automation, as well as several other important issues developing the theme of the seminar.

The annual Foundation seminar is accredited by the ACPE and participants earned continuing education points for their participation.




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