Teaching goals and learning objectives

Teaching goals

The Management summit will focus on developing leadership skills in selected Hospital pharmacists. It will be based on a recently published framework for developing leadership competencies in pharmacists. During the summit, five domains of leadership will be used to design learning experiences for participants.

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Each of these domains has specific competencies where it is necessary to demonstrate effectiveness.
Five presenters will be chosen for their legitimacy in a domain of leadership. Each will be instructed to first present for 20 minutes on their personal experiences relating to one or more domain competency. They will then invite 20 minutes of audience participation with a dedicated ‘audience voting facility in which participants will be asked to consider, assess and judge their individual reaction to complex leadership issues relating to the specific domain. Finally, presenters will lead participants for 20 minutes to fully understand what learning outcomes are expected from them following a dedicated 90 minute facilitated workshop.
The 56 participants will initially be randomly allocated to eight groups. The allocation will be inspected to ensure an even spread of countries. If a group has representation by two participants from the same country, the process will be repeated until there is an even spread.
At the end of the second day, each of the eight groups will be given a randomly assigned scenario. This will require a presentation to Hospital senior staff of a management ‘solution’ where significant leadership skills must be demonstrated.

The teaching goal is that leadership skills develop, strengthen and evolve in preparation for the group scenario. The competencies are then demonstrated on the final day in a competitive environment .

 Learning objectives

At the end of the summit, each participant should:

- understand and be able to integrate the domains of leadership in a management context;
- understand and be able to relate each competency under each domain to his or her practice;
- have a clear plan as to how the summit learning can be disseminated to hospital pharmacy colleagues in his her country.

Domain learning Outcomes

Many of the learning outcomes will be demonstrated during presentations by teams on the Sunday. A ‘House-keeping’ introduction will explain the programme of learning the summit teaching goals and learning outcomes, the competencies of leadership, group working rules, the selection and make up of teams, and, an introduction to presenters facilitators and Directors of the Summit.

Last update: 25 April 2018