How to apply?


1. Choose your hospital

Check out the EAHP-EPSA Hospital Database and find a placement that you are eligible for and interested in. Contact the EAHP Platform Coordinator at intern[at]eahp[dot]eu to find out more about the hospital that you are interested in.

2. Application Form

Carefully complete the Internship Platform Application and upload the relevant documents (CV, Recommendation Letter and transcript of your courses).

This will automatically be sent to the EAHP Platform Coordinator who will check the eligibility of the application and forward the information to the selected hospital, putting you in contact with them officially.

In case the application is not eligible you will be contacted and informed about the irregularities.

3. Agree the terms of the internship

Once you will be in contact with the hospital contact person, you can agree with them on the terms of the internship such as period, length, acommodation, etc. In the whole process you should always keep the EAHP Platform Coordinator (intern[at]eahp[dot]eu) in CC so the whole process can be overviewed.

Please take into consideration that the process of arranging the internship placement can last for several months and you might need to wait for the answer from the hospital pharmacy in the first place. If you do not receive any answer to your application within a month, please contact EAHP Platform Coordinator at intern[at]eahp[dot]eu.

4. Complete the internship

After agreeing on the terms of your internship, it is time for you to actually complete it. Enjoy the experience and try to gain as much as you can from it.

5. Fill in the feedback survey

With 1-2 weeks before the end of your internship, make sure to fill in the feedback survey which you can find here. This will help us improve the experience for future participants and is mandatory for you in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. After doing so please send an e-mail to intern[at]eahp[dot]eu and request your Certificate of Completion.

6. Certificate of Completion

As long as you have followed all the steps, the EAHP Platform Coordinator will create a Certificate of Completion for you, based on the information your provided in the survey. This will then be sent to the Hospital Contact Person, who approves the content of the certificate and signs it, giving it to the you at the end of your internship.

You can find more information regarding the Certificate of Completion here.

Last update: 22 December 2021