How can your hospital get involved?

HUS Pharmacy, Helsinki, Finland

Did you know that the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists (EAHP) and the European Pharmaceutical Students' Association (EPSA) provide an online platform to match hospitals offering internship places with enthusiastic pharmacy students and recent graduates from across Europe?

The advertised internship places are designed for current undergraduate pharmacy students or young professionals who have graduated within the last two years, and who are from one of the member countries of EAHP and/or EPSA (please check the respective member Associations here and here).

Your hospital can get involved if it is located in one of the member states of the Council of Europe.

Placements are typically 1–3 months long with the provision of support and mentoring to the intern. They can be provided on a voluntary basis or you can provide the intern with reimbursement opportunities if possible. If you wish to accept Erasmus+ students, please state it in the Hospital Application Form.

The EAHP-EPSA Internship Platform includes relevant contact information for hospitals and prospective interns to find each other. Neither EAHP nor EPSA arrange the internships, although the Platform Coordinator will put you in contact with the applicant when he/she is accepted or upon your request. You can find the application process for interested interns HERE.

Students and young professionals who have completed an internship arranged through the EAHP-EPSA Internship Platform are entitled to a certificate of completion. In order to obtain the certificate, the intern needs to follow the instructions stated HERE. EAHP Platform Coordinator creates the certificate and the contact person of the hospital approves the content of the certificate and signs the agreed version. The intern shall obtain the certificate from the contact person of the hospital at the end of his internship. Hospitals participating in the Platform are encouraged to provide feedback to the Platform through this survey.

There are currently 17 hospitals in the database, but as the platform grows, we call for new hospital participants to help many talented and motivated applicants to find placements. If your hospital is interested in hosting interns, please fill in the Hospital Application Form or contact EAHP Platform Coordinator at intern[at]eahp[dot]eu for further information.

Getting involved is very easy!


Last update: 19 May 2022