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What have students, who have completed an internship at one of the hospitals listed in the hospitals database, said about their experience? 

"I can see how the hospital pharmacy is working in other country. I learn how to implement my knowledge from the university into practice. Also I can improve my language skills and it´s nice to know other culture."
"Good co-workers, good hospital with a lot of different areas, developing communication skills and pharmaceutical knowledge."
"Very good supervision of a mentor; amazing organization at the hospital pharmacy; I was asked to take part in every action taken in the pharmacy."
"As I was rotating in the different areas of the hospital pharmacy, in all areas there was a person responsible for me who explained me everything."
"People in the pharmacy were very nice and friendly to me and from the beginning I felt there very well."

Please find here some quotes from the contact persons at the hospitals from the EAHP-EPSA Internship Platform

"I hosted several students from many European countries like Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain. The EAHP internship exchange program is very useful to find the right students. All experiences were more than positive as the students were very engaged, well prepared and educated and helped us in small projects. In addition my colleagues got some feeling about the pharmacy education and practice in Europe. The dialog was an opportunity for new ideas in my pharmacy." 
Dr Roberto Frontini, Universitätklinikum Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

"We are living in a moment of great changes in the Italian Hospitals and in our everyday job. We are now facing with several items quite different from what we studied at the University and our job is changing too. Sustainability, affordability, efficacy and effectiveness are the new words we have to know and to study. I think that having students from other countries is a vary good opportunity for us and the students too for compare the different National Health Systems and pharmaceutical policies. Moreover, Florence is a very nice town." 
Dr Roberto Banfi, Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi, Florence, Italy



Last update: 10 December 2019