Welcome participants to the 2019 EAHP Academy seminars!

Policy regarding seminar attendance - target audience - requirements for successful completion of learning activity.

The target audience for the 2 Academy seminars are hospital pharmacists as described below and point listed must be completed in order to successfully complete the seminar:

Seminar 1: Antibiotic Stewardship: Advanced
Seminar 2: Qualitive research methods

  1. be hospital pharmacists recommended by each country's national association president;
  2. be fluent in English;
  3. attend all seminar sessions;
  4. complete seminar evaluation form;
  5. give presentation and/or demonstrate knowledge gained during workshops and seminar concluding session;
  6. must be able to accurately disseminate the knowledge obtained during the academy seminar within their country via seminars or workshops and provide documentation that dissemination was done (i.e. national workshop agendas). The national associations then need to report back on how this was accomplished to the EAHP via the country report which is presented each year during the EAHP General assembly.

Additional requirements:

Seminar 1 (Antibiotic Stewardship: Advanced)

  • As seen during workshops and seminars at last congresses topic is of interest for members but knowledge is different. A first Academy on ABS (ABS for Beginners) resulted in the wish of many participants to run another Academy with the same topic but for hospital pharmacists with an advanced level of knowledge in this field;
  • be hospital pharmacists with an advanced level of knowledge in this field.

Seminar 2 (Qualitive research methods)

  • be hospital pharmacists who have experience in, are planning or have an interest in, service evaluation;
  • this Academy Seminar will not be suitable for those who are already experts in qualitative research.



Dissemination within each country is critical to the overall success of the Academy Seminars and more importantly, to the success in implementing the European Statements on Hospital Pharmacy. The budget allocated to the Academy Seminars is substantial and it is important that EAHP be able to assess the learning outcomes via dissemination. The EAHP office will be in contact with the seminar delegates to request dissemination activities.

EAHP will strictly enforce this policy and should participants not meet the requirements, EAHP will not pay for the hotel accommodations and meals related to the seminar and participants will be responsible for payment upon departure from the hotel.


EAHP will cover the expenses of the seminar registration, hotel accommodations for three nights (19 – 20 - 21 September), as well as, official meals. Travel expenses have to be covered by the participant or your organisation.

Types of rooms offered:
Standard Single room – 1 person
Standard Double room – for spouses
Standard Double room with 2 beds – for sharing room with another delegate (availablity upon request)

Cancellations: no cancellations of extra nights in the hotel will be accepted as EAHP will have already paid and cannot get reimbursed.

All participants need to register via the link sent by email to confirm their attendance and submit their accommodation request. If you have not received this email, please contact your national association. Please note that should you require additional hotel nights, you will need to pay via credit card upon the check-out.

Thank you!

EAHP Congress Secretariat

Last update: 3 May 2019