Speakers' biographies - Seminar 2

Please view the biographies of presenting speakers for the 2018 Academy Seminars by clicking on the name of the presenter.


Nieko Punt*

Affiliation: Medimatics

Country: The Netherlands
Conflict of interest: Nieko Punt is currently a consultant and subcontractor of Mediware.

Kees Neef 

Affiliation: Maastricht University Medical Center+

Country: The Netherlands 

Conflict of interest: None

Azucena Aldaz Pastor

Affiliation: Clínica Universidad de Navarra

Country: Spain

Conflict of interest: None

Daniel J. Touw*

Affiliation: University Medical Center Groningen

Country: The Netherlands
Conflict of interest: Daniel J. Touw is currently a Member of the Medical Advisory Board of Sanquin Blood bank and Blood Products. 


Christoph Hiemke

Affiliation: University Medical Center Mainz

Country: Germany

Conflict of interest: None



Branislava Miljković

Affiliation: Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Belgrade

Country: Serbia

Conflict of interest: None


Eric van Maarseveen

Affiliation: University Medical center Utrecht

Country: The Netherlands

Conflict of interest: None



Antonio Gouveia

Affiliation: Insituto Portugues de Oncologia de Lisboa

Country: Portugal

Conflict of interest: None


 * Indicates speaker or SC member has stated a conflict of interest.

Last update: 23 August 2018